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We are the leading manufacturer of office furniture and supply all over India. Over the past 5 years, we have completed 150+ office furniture installations all over India. From initial idea to final installation, we plan and give suggestion to bring lovely look to your office as it is one of the employee satisfaction factors.

Shopping for corporate workplace furniture for your work atmosphere is an important enterprise. At Interior Ideas, we have a tendency to recognize that the stakes are high when making a call regarding where to buy your office furniture. Your workplace furniture is an investment that may enhance your work environment, productivity, and the way you utilize valuable floor space, and we have a tendency to will honestly say that we will offer you with the best furniture purchasing expertise within the industry.

Why excellent office furniture is important

Comfortable seating is one of the most important parts of any workplace atmosphere and you should contemplate a seating set up when fixing your new office area. Even if you have already found your new workplace, you might wish to consider a replacement seating plan if your team isn’t working efficiently. Research has even steered that getting the seating set up right can help to increase your revenue a lot. It is also necessary that you've got the correct furniture and ergonomic desk chairs for your office setting to make sure your workers are comfortable. But if you’re wondering how to urge the seating arrange right then we tend to have the perfect guide to help you.

We are office furniture manufacturer and supplier in India. Get modular workstations, conference table, reception table, office chairs, computer table etc

Types of Chairs Series

We are the manufacturer of all types of chairs. Our manufacturing unit is capable to manufacture very high volume in very short time. For bulk orders we provide delivery all over India. Below are our few popular series.

  •  President chair
  •  Conference Chairs
  •  Executive Chairs
  •  Mesh Chairs
  •  Cafe Chair
  •  Auditorium Series

Workstation Series

We have all different types of workstations designs available. Select and let us know the quantity and we will be glad to set up for you.

Check our popular workstation designs.

  •  Call Centre Series
  •  School Series
  •  Small Size office Series

Conference Table Series

Office Furniture Hub offers all series of designers’ conference tables. Check our all different designs which are ready for bulk order anywhere in India

  •  Large size conference table
  •  Medium size conference table
  •  Small size conference table

Types of doors & windows

Office furniture hub offers all types of doors & windows to select your choice of material, color according to your budget

Choose your types of doors & windows

  •  Vinyl doors & windows
  •  Wooden doors & windows
  •   Aluminium doors & windows
  •   Fiberglass doors & windows

Storage cabinets series

Check our multipurpose storage cabinets. Readymade and custom designers storage wall cabinets available

  •  Office storage systems
  •  Medical storage
  •  Library shelving
  •  Retail storage system

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